LL-2 Mini Chain Combo Lock

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Item #LL-2

Serfas® LL-2 Mini Chain Combo Lock

Straightforward and reliable with a 4-digit combination chain lock made of sturdy 3mm thick steel links and covered in a protective woven nylon sleeve to help prevent against frame scratches and rattling.

Weighing only a little over 1/2 a pound the 3 foot chain lock is a relatively lightweight security option that provides a step above basic theft protection while easily fitting into most saddle bags for storage or is unobtrusive enough to be left wrapped around your frame or seat post.


  • 4-Digit Combination Lock
  • Protective Woven Nylon Sleeve

  • Specs:

  • Cable Length: 3 Feet (91.4 cm)
  • Chain Links: 3mm (0.12 inches)
  • Weight: 308 Grams (0.68 lbs)
  • Security Rating: 2/10