TST-300 Spectra 300 Tail Light

USD$ 60.00

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Item #TST-300

Features: Single High Power LED w/ Micro LEDs for Body Illumination (Cree® LEDs) Auto Safe Mode Last Mode Memory Remote Switch Compatible Aero Post Compatible Bracket Saddle Rail Mount Available (Sold Separately) Specs: Solid Modes: Overdrive (80 Lumens): 1.25 hrs High (50 Lumens): 2 hrs Medium (30 Lumens): 3.5 hrs Low (15 Lumens): 6.5 hrs Flash Modes: Daytime Flash (300 Lumens): 18 hrs High Flash (60 Lumens): 15 hrs Low Flash (75 Lumens): 40 hrs Auto Safe Mode Extends Run Time Additional 45 mins Weight: 75 Grams w/ Bracket Battery: Lithium Polymer

"Bright" does not even begin to describe the Serfas® Spectra 300 tail light. The Spectra 300 emits up to 300 lumens in Daytime Flash Mode. With several Solid and Flash modes to choose from and convenient USB recharging the Spectra 300 is a serious performance bargain with monster power ready to illuminate your ride.