TresorFlex 6615C/85/15 BK SCMU

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Locking without keys: the Steel-O-Flex™ Tresorflex 6615C makes it possible. And protects with its steely combination of cable and sleeve coating. 15mm thick internal steel cable Abus Security Level: 5 out of 15

15 mm thick, overlapping steel shells protect the internal steel cable Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits Special touch protection for increased security against unauthorised access to the code through manipulation of the mechanism Dark-touch function facilitates use in the dark thanks to special imprinting Individually configurable code SCMU (Snap Cage MU) – Bracket for mounting to seat post, frame or rack stay 15 – 55 mm in diameter. Mounting is tool-free and simple with fixing straps. SCLL (Snap Cage LL) – Bracket for mounting under the saddle, to the saddle clamp bolt 5 – 8 mm in diameter. Weight: 705g